Fax Machines

Panasonic  Plain Paper Fax w/ Cordless Telephone  (1 avail)  practical

Canon Plain Paper Fax

Sharp UX 172 Thermal Paper Fax  (1 avail) practical

Uniden Wireless phone

AT&T Digital Ans Machine 

Phone Mate Ans Machine with audio cassette & intercom Unit 

Phone Mate Ans Machine with audio cassette 

Tel Repair Touch tone Handset phone

Tel Repair Rotary Dial Handset phone

Rotary Dial single line phone

Portable Electric Typewriter

Portable Manual Typewriter

Touch tone single line phone

RCA 4 line phones (4 avail)

Tel Repairman Handsets

Merlin AT&T Old Style

(3 small & 1 large)

Merlin AT&T Call Director Phone

Polycom Conference Phone (1 avail) 

More Items coming soon   

Home & Office Telephones, Fax Machines, Intercoms, Calculators, Typewriters , etc 

4 line Touch tone  phones  (2 avail)

Panasonic  KFX 1050 Plain Paper Fax

Merlin AT&T Lucent  New Style

(6 BS-10  small) & (1 large BIS-22D)

Tel Cables

European Style single line rotary diai phone

Princess Rotary dial single line phone

Princess Rotary dial single line phone

Vintage Rotary Dial Hotel Room single line phone

Vintage Rotary Dial single line phone

Vintage Rotary Dial single line phones

4 line Touch tone & single line phones

4 line  Rotary phone (1 avail)

Radio Shack 2 line phones (2 avail)

NEC Digital Office phones (15 avail)



Typewriters  - See Typewriter Section Page

Telephone Answering Machines & Office Intercoms