Panasonic AG-188 VHS Full size VHS cassettes

Blank video cassettes  available

14X zoom lens, AC Power Supply,  4 x 3 Aspect Ratio 

Trucking / Pick ups & Returns:

All equipment is picked up/ returned to the loading dock.

Most larger prop items are in rolling ATA shipping cases.

Please provide sufficient labor to handle pick up & returns.

We provide no labor without advance notice.

Please provide a vehicle with a lift gate or loading dock level access.


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  Ace Props New York - Prop Rentals in New York 

​  Budget Issues ?  We have discounts for Low Budget & ​Indie Projects

​   Special Editorial Fashion Rates

Please read our terms & conditions listed below

 Also, please read our credit card form

Rental Cancellations & Changes: 

When you pay for a prop rental order, you are confirming that rental.  You are then contractually committed to payment of

the rental fee and sales taxes regardless if you pick the rental equipment.    Credit card payment information,​ even if only supplied verbally, signifies

your agreement to our conditions, terms and our rental contract.

 Changes in Dates

Rental dates can be shifted  if the Ace Props approves the change in schedule​

Cancellation fees maybe applicable.  

Limit of the Claim 

Limit of all claims will not exceed the cost of the of the first week's rental from Media Products Inc. / Ace Props.

Insurance Requirements: 

 All clients must carry liability, workman' s compensation, property insurance and must hold Media Products Inc. / Ace Props harmless from all claims.

 Equipment Condition: & Availabilty

All orders are subject to written confirmation and are considered not working "not practical"  unless specifically confirmed as "practical".

All Items are not considered actually "in stock" and "available" unless confirmed in writing to the specific customer for a specific date range.

Important Notices - Confirming your order

 All orders are tentative and are on a "first paid" basis unless your production company has an open account and the order is confirmed in writing with a PO.#

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Down Loads:  See our credit card form page
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Ace Props - Vintage & Modern Technology Props

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             Event Producers, - TV & Film -Prop & Decorators 

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              Stackable Vintage TVs & Modern CRTs, 

             LCDs TVs,  24 Frame TVs & CRTS, 

             Computer & Video Signal Distribution

             Video Projectors & Projection Screens

             Computer & Video LCDs & CRTS,  Computers  

              Audio Speakers all sizes & Professional Sound Systems

             Radio Stations & TV Control Rooms, Computer Servers  

             Electronics Equipment Racks,​  Microphones & Headsets 

             Test Equipment, Meters, Oscilliscopes, Circuit Boards


                 Consumer Electronics, Stereos, Turntables, Speakers            

             Audio Tape Recorders &  Audio cassette machines.

             Boom Boxes, Radios, Clock Radios, DJ Gear

             Microphones, Headsets, Audio Mixers, Prop wiring,    

              Working Vintage Video Cameras,​  VHS Cameras

             Film cameras. Still Cameras, Paperazzi Cameras

             Working Flashes, Darkroom Enlarger, Supplies  

             Press Graphics Cameras with Flashbulbs, Polariods

             Instamatics, 35 mm SLRs Viewfinder cameras 

​                   Vintage Lighting, Light Stands & Light Meters


              16 /35mm Film Editing Tables, KEM, Steenbeck, Moviola

              Splicers, Rewinds,  Film Reels, Film Cans, Film Projectors 


               Brick Cell Phones,  Flip Phones,  Cells, Beepers

               Office Phones, Conference Phones, Typewriters,

               Court Room Steno Machines, Typewriters,  

                Audio Visual Equip, Projection Screens, Slide Projectors  

               Laptops, Desktops & Towers Computer & Keyboards 

                     Dot Matrix & Ink jet Printers, Dot Matix paper  & Fax Machines

               Experienced On site Technical Support