Panasonic AG-188 VHS Full size VHS cassettes

Blank video cassettes  available

14X zoom lens, AC Power Supply,  4 x 3 Aspect Ratio 

Rack no side panels

Half Height  (1 avail) 

38 h x 21 w x 24" d  

Custom rack assembly for your set with rack mount modules from our inventory.   


Rack with top, 2 side panels

Half Height  (1 avail) 

38 h x 21 w x 32" d  

CCTV  Surveillance Monitor Rack

 3/4" Height  (4 avail)

63" H x 21"W x 26" D  

Empty Racks   Full Height (4 avail) 

77 H x 21"W x 29" D  

   Empty Racks 3/4" Height        (4 avail) 63" H x 21"W x 26" D  

 CU Detail of Rack Router  

 Computer Signal Router Double  Rack  

Audio Signal Control  Rack  

Video Router / Computer Monitor Rack  

Video Audio Signal Rack  

Server Rack Double Rack Wide 

More Images from our archives coming soon.

Equipment Racks Archive   - Custom built Examples 

 Lead time for custom racks fabrication. Please call.