Uniden Radio Scanner

Bull Horns  (1  avail)

University Sound Horn (1 avail)

Vintage Motorola Radios (2 avail)

Walkie Talkie Motorola Radios & Bull Horns

Scanner Radios & Accessories

Motorola Radios Accessories

Beyer Headset

Astrolite Headset

Telex Headset

Setcom Headset

Clearcom Intercom Base Station  with Belt Pack

Intercoms Systems

Clearcom Intercom Base Station

RTS Intercom Station  with channel selector & Belt pack

Radios,  Intercoms,  Communications Gear

Uniden Radio Scanner

RTS Intercom Station with mic

(1 with gooseneck mic, 2 without mic)

Console Microphones  1940s (1 each available)

Racon Horn 1940s (2 avail)

General Electric US 1940s Navy Radio Model TBS-7 (1 available)

Motorola HT Radios & Clip Mics in Fire / Rescue Harness  

(4  avail)

Motorola HT Radios & Clip Mics 

(4 avail)

Motorola headset (3 available)

Intercom Systems Headsets 

‚Äč(see Headphones & Headsets Section for more models)

Motorola In ear headset (5 available)