Atlas Studio Mic Boom -(1 avail) in black and steel (1 avail) approx. 5 ft tall

Atlas Studio Mic Boom -(1 avail) in black and steel (1 avail) approx. 5 ft tall

Bull Horns  (1 each avail

BM 800 Condenser Microphone with large mic nest shock mount for radio station or Recording Studio  (1 avail) Assembled with windscreen 

Telex High Noise Announcer's Headset -

1 pair available

Tom Black Announcer's Headset -

1 pair available

More Images up shortly

Shure SM-55 Microphone  (11 available)

AKG 141 Headphones  (1 pair each color avail

Vic Firth Headphones  (1 avail

 Nova 10 Headphones  (1 avail

Sony MDR Headphones  (1 avail

Telex 8-240 Headphones  (1 avail

Call 718 392 -1100 / 646-712-0156 or

E mail

Shure SM-55 Microphone  (11 avail)


Microphones,  Mic stands,  Accessories,  Headphones,  Headsets & Earpieces

Surveillance / Sports / News -Parabolic Microphone  Assembly  (1 avail)

Surveillance / Sports Microphones

Mic Nest Goosenecks in black & chrome (many sets available)

Also,  Please see Section on Audio Mixers 

Sennheiser Short Shotgun Microphone w/large mic nest shock mount for radio station or Recording Studio  (2 avail) Assembled with windscreen

Vega Wireless Hand Mic  (2 avail)

Samson R11 Hand Mic with Mic Cable

(8 avail)

Samson R11 Hand Mic with Mic Cable

(8 avail)

Shure SM-58 Hand Mic with Foam Cover  & Mic Flag (1 avail)

Shure SM-57 Hand Mic with  Table stand & Gooseneck  (2 avail)

Shure Wireless Lavalier Transmitter pkg (2 avail)

Shure Wireless Lavalier with Receiver pkg (2 avail)

Shure SM-53 Mic  (2 avail)

Mic Stands, Mic Booms & Table Stands

Microphones - Modern

Atlas Mic Stand w boom arm -available in black (10 avail)

Atlas Mic Stand-available in chrome or  black (10 avail)

Sennheiser Wireless Lavalier pkg (2 available)

Mic Boom w/ Fuzzy Mic cover or Sennheiser Zeppelin (3 avail)

Sennheiser Short Shotgun Microphone w/ large mic nest shock mount for radio station  (2 avail)

Shure 540SH Vintage Conference & PA Mic (2 avail)

Vintage Desk Top Microphones (1 of each avail)

Vintage "American" DR-330 Microphone 1950  (1 available)

Electro Voice Silver Mesh Hand Microphone  (1 avail)

EV Announcers/ Elvis  Vintage Microphone (2 available)

(2) 1940 Shure Brothers "Radiator" Microphones comparison View  

(3 avail) as displayed 

Vintage RCA "Teardrop" Lavalier Mic  (1 avail)- (Hangs around neck)  for interviews

RCA SX-30 Interview Mic  (1 avail)

Western Electric 633A "Salt Shaker" Vocal Microphone (1 available) Beatles Pix also known as Altec 633 Also used in the House on Un American Committee Hearings 

Vintage Microphones

Vintage Desk Type RCA "Talent Stick" Mic  (1 avai) in Original Wooden Case Approx 12 inches tall (Mic has swivel on base)

Vintage RCA  SK-46 Microphones (2 avail) can be nest mounted 

Vintage Hand microphones (1 each avail)

Modern Microphones

Shure SM-53 Mics with Gooseneck  (2 avail) & 3 Anchor Talent Mic with Goosenecks).

Engineer's Headphones  (1 avaii


mic (1 avail)

Sony Stereo 

mic (1 avail)

Electrosonic  M-117

mic (1 avail)

Shure 515SD  Interview Mic (1 avail)

Shure 415 Interview 

Mic  (1 avail)

Shure 535  Interview  

Mic  (1 avail)

BM 800 Condenser Microphone with large mic nest shock mount for radio station or Recording Studio  (1 avail) Disasembled with windscreen 



Motorola Radio  " In Ear" Security Personnel Earpiece  ( 5 available)

Astrolite Double Muff Headsets

(2 available)

Beyer Single Muff Headset -

1 pair available

Telex Double Muff Headset - 1 pair available

Telex Single Muff Headset -

1 pair available

Setcom Single Muff Headset

1 available

RTS Belt Pack

Astrolite Single Muff Headsets

(1 available)

Telex Single Muff Headset with Belt pack

(2 single Muff & 1 double Muff available)

America Ribbon Studio Mic  on Mic Boom  for Radio Station or Recording Studio mic (1 available)

Shure SM-7 Studio Mic 

Shure SM-7 Studio Mic  on table top stand

Shure SM-7 Studio Mic  on Radio Station mic boom (1 available)

On Air Sign (lights up)

Radio Station & Recording Items 

Sennheiser Wireless Hand Mic  (2 avail)

Sennheiser Wireless Plug on Hand Mic  (2 avail)

Churi Hand Mic with mic cable (1 available)

Vintage AKG Lavalier Mic "Silver Teardrop"  

(1 avail)- (Hangs around neck) for interviews

Goosenecks for microphones  in black & chrome

Sennheiser Long Shotgun Microphone w/pistol grip large for news, surveillance & sports

( 2 avai) 

Sennheiser Long Shotgun Microphone w/ pistol grip & foam wind screen for news- (2 avail) 

Mic Nests, Booms & Goosnecks

Atlas Mic Table Stand- in black with 3 inch mic extension (8 avail) Also available with various goosenecks in chrome or black 

Quik Loc Studio Mic Boom -available in black (1 avail)

  Shotgun Mics & Mic Booms

Sennheiser Short Shotgun Microphone w/ small shock mount for radio station  (2 avail)

Sennheiser Short shotgun ME-66 shotgun

(2 avail)