Large Prop Orders:


   Pulling your prop order:

   Your prop rental needs to be pulled, inventoried and packed when you pick up.

   You can either provide the art dept. labor to do this or we can bill for it.

   You will need to bring furniture blankets  & a large roll of shrink wrap

   to pack your order.  Please bring at least 2 people to pack your order.

   Moving dollies are available in the loading dock.

   Call us in advance to confirm your time of arrival.

   We will tell you which elevator to use 

   Make an appointment to pick up & return your prop rental order:

   Call us to arrange a pick up day and time to pack and return your prop rental order.

    Fees to have us pack & unpack your order:

    ​We will be happy to arrange for packing for a fee if you are unable.

   Call us to get a price quote.


    Prop Returns:

​     Returning your prop rental, You will also need 2 people to return

​     your prop order (unless it is very small).

​     Please call us in advance to schedule your return

    Any Questions ?   

    Call 718 392-1100 or e mail:

Packing Your Order - Local Pick up Only

Panasonic AG-188 VHS Full size VHS cassettes

Blank video cassettes  available

14X zoom lens, AC Power Supply,  4 x 3 Aspect Ratio