Wollensak tape recorder (3 avail)

w cover 15 inches  (w)

Realistic Audio Cassette Recorder -working (1 avail)

Wollensak detail

Sony PCM -2700A DAT Recorder 19" (w)

Sony TCM-5000EV Audio Cassette Recorder -working (1 avail)

Sony TCM-5000EV Audio Cassette Recorder -working (1 avail)

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Sony TCM-5000EV Audio Cassette Recorder -working (1 avail)

Audio Cassettes & DAT  tapes available (Approx 20 pieces)

Onkyo, Akai & Technics Audio Cassette Recorders

Audio Tape Recorders,  Audio Cassette,  DAT Recorders, Audio Cart Machines & Micro Cassette Recorders

Norleco & Radio Shack Micro Cassette Audio Cassette Recorders

Sony Micro Disc Audio Recorder

Unic & Sharp  Audio Cassette Recorder

Marantz Audio Cassette Recorder

Tiffen  Audio Cassette Recorder - working  (1 avail)

Audio Tape Recorders  (working)

 Ampex Model 600 tape recorder- [1 avail] 15 inch (w)

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 Ampex Model 601 tape recorder  [1 avail] 15 inch (w)  

Audio Tapes (Approx 20 pieces available)  ‚Äčalso smaller reels &  smaller boxes

TASCAM  tape recorder (1 avail) 18 inch (w) 

Wollensak tape recorder (3 avail)

15 inch  (w)

Optimus Audio Cassette Recorder -working (1 avail)

 Ramko Research RP-1M Audio Cart machine (1 avail)

 ATC Audio Cart machine (1 avail)

 Ampro Audio Cart machine ( 1 avail)

Audio Cart Machines  (For Radio Stations)

Panasonic  SV-3700 DAT Recorder 19" (w)

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or e mail: acepropsnyc@gmail.com

Marantz Audio Cassette Recorder - from above

Uher Audio Cassette Recorder

Tascam 122 Mark 2 Audio Cassette Recorder -working (1 avail)

Teac Audio Cassette Recorder -working (1 avai)

Vintage Sony  Model TC-105 tape recorder-[2  avail] 14 inch  (w)

Case with cover for above Ampex 600

Case with cover for above Ampex 601