Trucking / Pick ups & Returns:

All equipment is picked up/ returned to the loading dock.

Most larger prop items are in rolling ATA shipping cases.

Please provide sufficient labor to handle pick up & returns.

We provide no labor without advance notice.

Please provide a vehicle with a lift gate or loading dock level access.


​  Budget Issues ?  We have discounts for Low Budget & ​Indie Projects

​   Special Editorial Fashion Rates

Please read our terms & conditions listed below

 Also, please read our credit card form


​​​​​Ace Props -All Sorts of Modern  & Vintage Electronics Rentals & Sales

Photographic & Technology Equipment Vintage & Contemporary 

Expanded and documented rental inventory

Extensive experience in prop selection,  set assembly, fabrication,

events & set decorating.

On set technical support available

 Flexible pricing to reflect your production budget. 

   Our Warehouse is at 45-55 Pearson Street.  Off Jackson Ave., L.I.C., NY, 11101 
   We are in City Wide Storage  (one block from the Court Street Diner - Great Coffee ! ) 
   Next to the Elevated # 7 Subway, E, M & G - Court Street - 23 Street- Ely  Stop.  

   Pearson Street is a dead end Street - Go to the Loading Dock 

   The building is 13 stories high and clearly marked  "CITY WIDE STORAGE"

    It is very easy to spot.

    Call us or email us to schedule a visit.pick up or return.

​    Rental Pick up and Drop off -

   Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 7 pm. -

   Sat. 9:30 am - 4 pm, -Sunday 10 am - 4 pm 
   Except Holidays like 4th July, Labor Day,  Christmas Eve & Day, New Year,  etc. 

   Always Call to Confirm or text 646-712-0156 or call 718-392-1100 or 212 727-7969 
   E mail:

   If you don't see what you need, call us or e mail us reference photos !
   Call, Text  or E mail  cell 646-712-0156 or 718-392-1100 -

   E mail:

   Copy all the images you need  and  e mail us the list or come by. 

Welcome to Ace Props Rentals .

We have so much stuff,  we will be adding it for some time.

if some sections are incomplete,  please call or e mail for pictures, etc.

Latest updates:  Stenotype Machines, Telephones, Computers Vintage​,

32'' to 60'' flat screens, 19" wide Rack Modules, More Equipment Racks,

Shipping Cases, On Air Signs, More Microphones & Headsets

Working Vintage Video Cameras & Accessories

Rental Cancellations & Changes the rental dates: 

When you pay for a rental order, you are confirming the rental.  You are then contractually committed to payment of

rental fee and sales taxes regardless if you pick the rental equipment.    Credit card payment information,even if only supplied verbally, signifies

your agreement to our conditions, terms. and our rental contract.

 Changes in Dates

Rental dates can be moved at no additional cost  if the Ace Props approves the change in schedule

Cancellation fees are applicable to cancelled rentals.  

Limit of the Claim 

Limit of all claims will not exceed the cost of the of the first week's rental from Media Products Inc. / Ace Props.

Insurance Requirements: 

 All clients must carry liability, workman' s compensation, property insurance and must hold Media Products Inc. / Ace Props harmless from all claims.

 Equipment Condition: & Availabilty

All orders are subject to written confirmation and are considered not working "not practical"  unless specifically confirmed as "practical".

All Items are not considered actually "in stock" and "available" unless confirmed in writing to the specific customer for a specific date range.

Important Notices - Confirming your order

 All orders are tentative and are on a "first paid" basis unless your production company has an open account and the order is confirmed in writing with a PO.#

Send us an e mail​ !!

This web site has been last updated on 7/26/17

There will be updates every few days for the next few months.  

Down Loads:  See our credit card form page

Call, Text  or E mail: 
 cell 646-712-0156 or 718-392-1100 or 212 727-7969 - 

E mail: