Mathews Black C- Stands (2 avail)

Lowel (Silver Large) Umbrellas (2 avail)

Lowel Kino Light Kits (2 avail)

Modern Video Lighting Packages as used in TV interviews, photo shoots, etc

Lowel  Pro Light  (2 avail) with stands

Mathews Chrome C- Stands (2 avail)

Lowel Tota Lights Kit (2 avail)

Lowel  Prime LED Light  (2 avail) with stands

Lowell Lighting Stands (4 avail)

Lowel Blender LED Light  (2 avail) with stand

Modern Video Lighting Accessories used in TV interviews, photo shoots, etc.

Matthews sandbags (4) 

Lowell Lighting Flight cases (2) 

Modern Video Lighting