Panasonic AG-188 VHS Full size VHS cassettes

Blank video cassettes  available

14X zoom lens, AC Power Supply,  4 x 3 Aspect Ratio 

Contact & ​Directions 

Ace Props pick up & drop off location.

It is inside Citi Wide Storage

at 45-55 Pearson Street 

off Jackson Ave. Long Island City, NY 11101.      

City Wide Storage is a large
13 story building - well marked
Visible at a distance

Pearson Street is a dead end street.

Go to the loading dock at the end of the block -

8 Loading Bays 

Please call us 30 min before you arrive at our loading dock.

We are very close to the

 Court Street Diner.

Off the 7, E, M & G

Elevated subway stop.

Contact Info

Tel 718 392-1100

Cell 646 712-0156

E mail: